Almost Bed Time At The Cocoon Inn

Good evening. Remember I’m Camey. I was just in here starting a night time fire for you and leaving a little bedtime snack. coccon inn
It’s awfully cold out there and from what I hear, you’ve had a big day exploring.
Why don’t you put your feet up, relax and enjoy the goodies.
You deserve a good sleep.
But first, I’ll join you for a little decaf. Shhh…don’t tell Roxy Bloom I gave you decaf. It’s just good to have to warm the bone and chit chat over. 
Did you have a good time today?
What was your favorite part?

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4 thoughts on “Almost Bed Time At The Cocoon Inn

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  2. Loved the virtual tour! The photo of Goebberts Farm surprised me. We live about 30 minutes from there and t took my kids there every fall for their pumpkins. They are 30 and 26 now and just went to the farm spontaneously 2weeks ago. What a small world! I love your stories! I have finished The Killer Coffee and the Keni Lowry series and have just started the Charmed series. Eventually, I will get to the rest of your series as well. Your characters are delightful! Tangled Up in Tinsel was great! Happy Halloween!

  3. What a great tour! I am going to the pumpkin farm first and tonight I am walking the boardwalk in the evening lights! Beautiful town-even grander than I imagined!

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