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SURPRISE!! Decaffeinated Scandal released a few days early!!

I’m so excited to bring y’all back to Honey Springs. This series was created out of our connection to our love of conversation over a nice warm beverage…coffee!!

No joke.

For those of y’all that follow me on my author page on Facebook, you know I greet y’all every morning with a coffee post. We have a good time over there saying good morning and I really do look forward to that. It was just natural for me to write a series where every morning my sleuth starts the small cozy town of Honey Springs with a nice cup of coffee or tea, along with a crazy cast of sidekicks and a tad bit of mystery…

Please, join me on this fun adventure! Each book can be read as a stand along…but I must say that there’s a HUGE surprise in this book that might leave your jaw hanging wide open. Don’t forget to shut your mouth because a fly just my get in there!

Welcome back to Honey Springs!
Decaffeinated Scandal
Book 5 in the Killer coffee Mystery Series

It’s Halloween in Honey Springs and everyone has the jitters with a murder on the loose, not from drinking too much coffee from The Bean Hive books

Haven’t bought your copy yet? You can read chapter one for FREE by clicking here:

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